About Me

I have a God-given gift to discern subtle energy frequencies that people emit. Put simply, I can tell why people are hurting and what they could do to end the pain. I’ve always been this way and have spent my life honing my skills to help others.

The key locations where we hold pain that are often overlooked are in the:

Mind, Body, Heart, Soul

I’ve personally had restrictions in all four of these key locations. I’ve used my god-given gifts and mindfulness techniques to overcome them for myself and I am uniquely qualified to assist in your transformation.

Benefits include:

  • Calmness in your mind

  • Freedom from body pain

  • Heart-centered approach to life

  • Deeper connection to your soul wisdom

read more about how my god-given gifts unfolded.


The Modalities I use:

My God-given Gifts

I have keen intuition. I am able to discern subtle energy frequencies that people emit from their energy field and translate those messages into action steps people can take to change their lives. If you are experiencing pain in your life, you are attracting it to you. I can help you understand why you are attracting it to you and what to change so it doesn’t repeat.

My Divine Guidance

My angelic guides, Lumina, are from the angelic realm of Illumination.

During your session I’m shown light orbs and the color essence that Lumina uses within your physical and etheric body to release blocks and pain. My connection to Lumina is imperative for the sessions because my intuition can only go so far. There are things I cannot understand because I am human so I lean on Lumina heavily to translate the information that is beyond you and me.

Soul Integration

The Soul Integration Process is an technique from the Archangels, THEO, that balance emotional reactivity from your soul’s perspective of your life which includes multi-dimensionality experiences, past lives and your present life. 

I am a Soul Integration Certified by the THEO group, Inc. to use the Soul Integration TM process in my work with other individuals since 2016.

Qi Gong

Pangu Shengong developed by Master Ou Wen Wei, is a medical Qi gong practice that distributes beneficial universal life force energy from the universe to assist you in opening to more life energy.

I am a certified teacher and facilitator of Pangu Shengong Moving Form modality since 2015.



I live in East Nashville, Tennessee listening to Dolly and rejuvenating with my fur babies.

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