About Me

Like you, I’ve had to climb my way out of energy-sucking, dysfunctional relationships with nothing left intact but my barely beating heart.

It is a tricky thing when you learn the person you thought you knew best was a figment of your imagination. When we have the rug pulled out from under us in relationships we are being forced to learn discernment, boundaries, co-dependency, self-awareness, self-sabotage and the worst from my experience, self-abandonment.

The good news is our soul is with us through that experience and the energy sucking, dysfunctional relationship is actually perfectly orchestrated for us to wake up spiritually. It offers us the opportunity to realize we deserve more, to make the decision to leave the dysfunctional relationship, to gain the confidence to go for our dreams, to work on ourselves until the forgiveness is felt, to help others just like us, and to live from the gift of that experience.

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I’ve found from my personal transformational work that we need:

  • the cultivation of your personal worthiness 
  • the soul’s perspective of your life situation
  • universal life force energy to assist  your new perspective.

The modalities I use in your session utilize these principles:

Light Orb Therapy

Light Orb Therapy is an original feature of my connection to my angelic guides, Lumina. During you’re session I’m shown light orbs and the color essence that Lumina is using within your physical and etheric body to enhance personal worthiness and help rebuild connection to your guidance. 

My connection to Lumina is imperative for the sessions. From the human perspective there are many things I do not know, but Lumina shines awareness where you & I need it to be so that you can understand what is holding you back.-Lori

Soul Integration

The Soul Integration Process is an technique from the Archangels, THEO, that balance emotional reactivity from your soul’s perspective of your life which includes multi-dimensionality experiences, past lives and your present life. 

Lori is Soul Integration Certified by the THEO group, Inc. to use the Soul Integration TM process in her work with other individuals since 2016

My work with the Soul Integration process changed my life and made it possible for me to leap into starting my own business. - Lori

Qi Gong

Pangu Shengong developed by Master Ou Wen Wei, is a medical Qi gong practice that distributes benefinical universal life force energy from the sun, moon and the universe directly into your personal energy field. This helps you feel uplifted, gain clarity and pushes out old unhelpful energy you’ve been carrying.

Lori is Pangu Shengong Certified by Master Ou Wen Wei to use and teach the Moving Form modality since 2015

Pangu Shengong is one of the fundamental practices that assists me with client sessions. It is an honor to be certified to teach the moving form. - Lori

Lori resides in Nashville, TN, listening to Dolly and rejuvenating with her fur babies.