About Me

I have a God-given gift to discern subtle energy frequencies that people emit. I have angelic guidance that helps me understand concepts that are bigger than me. I live a unique life of constantly learning new information from my inner being.

This means that I can help you:

Handle your hunches

Live mindfully

Clear what’s blocking you

It’s between 7-years-old - 13-years-old when we all begin to let go of our spiritual knowledge to fit into our Earthly story.

It was at this time that I clung tighter to my angelic guidance. It was as if I could remember at the deepest part of me that I was supposed to make it my number one priority to not forget the angels and my spiritual knowledge.

I was like any other little girl playing with her dogs, hanging out with her friends, and trying to understand liking boys, but at my core, there was a wise inner being who didn’t let go of me and I didn’t let go of them. Daily communication with that inner wisdom is how I kept the connection active. This connection allows me to help others reconnect with their inner wisdom.

When I was 14, I knew I had passed the veil of forgetting. I had made it! Archangel Micheal was with me assisting with every part of my life.

I pursued dreams of acting on Broadway and I got married, but the divorce took me to my knees. It took me years to understand that it was the only way for me to be free to be me. It offered me the opportunity to start over with my God-given gifts at the center point of my life.

I met a mentor who was in daily connection with all 12 of the Archangels. It was a homecoming to meet someone who was like me and not afraid to talk about it. Sheila Gillette, my mentor, taught me a modality from the archangels which is similar to soul retrieval process. It is called Soul Integration. This process helped me move my emotional blocks out of the way so that I could grow in my personal expression.

With the blocks out of the way, I opened to more wisdom. A collective group of angels from the angelic realm of Illumination named Lumina began to give me information on light essence and color knowledge. They use light orbs to communicate with me, as well as, accessing my clairvoyant gift. They revealed that I always intended to assist them during this lifetime and why I’ve always been in contact with the angels.

They told me that I act as an anchor point for this higher energy and my conscious awareness of this means I help the energy of the people around me and Earth raise it’s vibration to a cadence that matches the spiritual awakening that is happening around us.

All of us who attract this kind of information need to do our part to assist the energy of the planet at this time. The shift is occurring to help human beings and the more of us who are “being” instead of “doing” will get us there quicker. My business is dedicated to you, the ones willing to do their work.

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The Modalities I use in your session:

Light Orb Therapy

Light Orb Therapy is an original feature of my connection to my angelic guides, Lumina. During your session I’m shown light orbs and the color essence that Lumina is using within your physical and etheric body to enhance personal expression and help rebuild connection to your inner wisdom.

My connection to Lumina is imperative for the sessions. From the human perspective there are many things I do not know, but Lumina shines awareness so that I can understand it and then translate it to you.

Soul Integration

The Soul Integration Process is an technique from the Archangels, THEO, that balance emotional reactivity from your soul’s perspective of your life which includes multi-dimensionality experiences, past lives and your present life. 

I am a Soul Integration Certified by the THEO group, Inc. to use the Soul Integration TM process in my work with other individuals since 2016.

Qi Gong

Pangu Shengong developed by Master Ou Wen Wei, is a medical Qi gong practice that distributes beneficial universal life force energy from the universe to assist you in opening to more energy and more good in your lives.

I am a certified teacher and facilitator of Pangu Shengong Moving Form modality since 2015.

I live down the road in East Nashville, TN, listening to Dolly and rejuvenating with my fur babies.