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Lori Knowles Mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques give you a deeper self-awareness. When you’re aware you have:

  • Harmonizing relationships

  • Purpose in Life

  • Fulfillment in your career

Awareness also shows emotional blocks that you hold in the mind, body, heart and soul. Together we remove these blocks using mindfulness techniques, personal expertise and God-given gift of intuition.

Mindfulness for your team!

3-hour workshop
Benefits include:
- implementing self-care
- clearing lines of communication
- deactivating work stress triggers

1-hour talk

Tips include:
- getting out of your own way
- achieving your best work
- slowing your mind down for inner peace

4-week series
Benefits include:
- equipping executives to lead from a mindful center
- communicating impeccably with other teams
- responding to responsibility in a healthy balanced way

Benefits include:
- feeling lighter, more clear
- learning how to communicate without fear
- realizing the value of personal well-being


ABOUT LORI Lori is from Franklin, TN. She pursued acting in NYC and traveled the world for 2-years. She has overcome many life challenges with mindfulness and teaches her techniques to individuals and groups.

Lori’s business prioritizes the need for self-awareness when it comes to the mind, body, heart and soul.

Lori holds a BFA in Musical Theater from The New School University. She is Soul Integration Certified by the THEO group, Inc. to use the Soul Integration TM process. She is also a teacher of Pangu Shengong Moving Form (Qi Gong).