The Wake-Up Call

Humanity is being asked to wake up and purge negative baggage we carry so that we can be better for the planet. It’s not doomsday. We are witnessing light shining into the dark recess of corruption & junk that has always been there. Toxicity is bubbling up to the surface for all of us to see so that it can dissolve away.

The same is true for you personally. You are carrying negative baggage. Sometimes it’s your junk from life experiences, or it can be someone else’s junk that you decided to carry (consciously & unconsciously). Regardless, the negative energetic load you carry is affecting your life. It has to be released now because real change begins with you.

The Wake-Up Call is a 75-minute video call that includes:

Clarity on your negative baggage

Awareness for the baggage you're carrying for someone else

Plan of Action on how to lighten your load

Personal Mantra for release

Audio Recording of the video call