Work with Lori

Are you constantly angry about the same issue? Have you been blindsided by the end of a relationship? Are you noticing you have repetitive negative relationship patterns? Are you secretly being pulled toward your life dreams but fear it’ll derail your relationship?

Together we'll work to end your emotional triggers so that you’re clear about your authentic inner needs with tools to satisfy them. You’ll create the right relationships, trust your gut about life, and live a fulfilling work/life balance.

Transformation Package

With the Transformation Package, we will set you on a path that manifests your very best self. 

It includes...

  • Two 1-hour sessions (via video)

  • Audio session recording

  • Private Slack channel for direct access to Lori

  • Personalized homework so you can continue the work between sessions

  • Daily Qi and Prayers for energy upgrades

  • Energy clearing before and after session

  • Personalized disentanglements

  • Personalized empowerment mantras

$300 per month
You can also schedule a one time session for $150. 

First, Schedule a FREE Consultation

I am happy to speak to you about the relationship issue that is on your heart. Together we can find the emotional triggers, I’ll give you some tips to try and outline how I can best assist you to transform yourself so that your relationship can prosper. You’ve found me because you are ready to shift from within and it’s time.