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My work with Lori has taught me to look at myself and things from my past that may be holding me back from being my best now and in the future.  She has helped me to listen to myself more and not be controlled by emotional triggers to things that may happen in my life.  I wholeheartedly believe I am a better leader and person as a result of working with Lori.
-Ginger Jones, Nashville



We all get upset when someone isn’t acting the way we think they should and we’ve all felt that rising heat and rage inside of us. Being triggered isn’t fun, but it is a beautiful internal message telling you that you’re in discord with yourself - you just think it is someone else’s problem because “they started it”. The truth is you can only feel a trigger if the judgment you’ve made about them is a judgment you have about yourself.


Your life can seem so chaotic and the quickest way to fix it is to ask yourself “What do I need in this moment?”. We are not taught to do this and sometimes feel it is self-centered, but without answering this question you never find inner peace. Face yourself, your needs and your inner emotional issues so you’re able to see your relationships clearer, better and with less judgment.


When you stay in an unfulfilling life situation you receive mediocre results such as telling yourself “it’s good enough” just so you don’t rock the boat. You deserve to live a fully expressive life, not the one you were taught by our culture to manicure into place. By removing your energetic limitation, you have clarity and connection to your soul and from there you will create a life that reaches into your passion and beyond limitation. 


Working with me

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The focus is on you and your self-discovery. What your mind focuses on your life becomes. If you seek to change something about your life it starts with being mindful of your thoughts.

Lori use her intuitive gifts to nudge you down your path so that you can find and neutralize limiting beliefs and create a better life experience. Lori is a teacher of Pangu Shengong (Qi Gong) and uses this process to enhance client's energy.

Clients energetically shift major issues such as family dynamics, beliefs of unworthiness & fear of abandonment, hereditary “dis-ease” and prosperity hindrances. When the energetic belief system dissolves out of your physical body you feel lighter and your mind is calm and clear.

Because of the work I’ve done on myself clearing away fear and limitations, I am able to do this work professionally and align with my life purpose. Without it, I would still be an actress, living out of fear and limitation, making everything about rent and waiting tables. I’m proud it’s my story, but it was my decision to choose better, and it is your decision to choose better for yourself and rise out from the limitations holding you back.  - Lori Knowles