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I empower individuals, to mindfully

balance negative emotions,
so that your inner light brightens your whole life.


Your negative emotions block your inner light and make you think
they’re someone else’s problem.

If you feel it then it’s your inner work to balance it.

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Quick fixes waste time

As your coach, I’ll save you time!


How I help…


The sun shines everyday and offers it’s light energy so that we can grow and enjoy life.

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Your inner light is similar to the sun, regardless of if you’re mindful of it or not, it’s shining from within and attempting to empower you.

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When you feel negative emotions it means that clouds have surround your inner light and makes it challenging to feel empowered.

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Together, we mindfully balance negative emotion, through a personalized mindfulness practice, so that your inner light brightens your whole life.

My work with Lori has taught me to look at myself and things from my past that may be holding me back from being my best now and in the future.  She has helped me to listen to myself more and not be controlled by emotional triggers to things that may happen in my life.  I wholeheartedly believe I am a better leader and person as a result of working with Lori.
-Ginger Jones, Nashville




have been seeking to end your negative emotions, but haven’t found true balance.

Why Me?

I experienced a life challenge that forced me to deal with my negative emotions. I found true balance by letting my gifts light the way.

I have two childhood god-given gifts:

  • Keen intuition

  • Angelic assistance

My life is brighter now and I would like the opportunity to empower you through your negative emotions.


Together, we’ll:

  • Balance your negative emotions

  • Find your inner light

  • Shape a brighter life

  • Save your precious time


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Negative emotions make us feel powerless, unworthy or emotional exhausted.
Here are examples of real client life challenges that trigger negative emotions:

Anxiety/Depression Family Challenges Physical Pain
Chronic Health Challenges Grief Serious Diagnosis
Divorce Leadership Fatigue Stress (work & life)