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Get out of your own way

Mindfulness and Intuition Coaching to clear what’s blocking you

My work with Lori has taught me to look at myself and things from my past that may be holding me back from being my best now and in the future.  She has helped me to listen to myself more and not be controlled by emotional triggers to things that may happen in my life.  I wholeheartedly believe I am a better leader and person as a result of working with Lori.
-Ginger Jones, Nashville


Your Hunches are right

Almost everyone knows deep down that there are aspects of yourself that sabotage your experiences by making daily life harder, holding ideal outcomes away and creating life challenges out of unworthiness.

You have a gut hunch that this is happening, but how do you change it?

My answer is you is you begin to honor your intuition and seek a mindfully aware approach to clearing your blocks.

Live Mindfully

Once you set out to live your life mindfully, you begin to change the course of your life. You begin to honor your emotions as signals from your soul about what you need to clear up so that you can achieve high daily productivity, allow dreams to be realized and seek ease through worthiness.

Together we achieve this by guiding you to greater trust in your intuition and mindfulness practices that help you catch when you begin to foster negativity.

Clear what’s blocking you

The saboteur within is scared parts of yourself. Together, we will energetically access these parts so that you can integrate them.

Once integrated you are no longer faced with old challenges, past chronic pains and relationships issues that have felt on repeat.

You remove the blocks so that your intuition flourishes and you mindfully create the life of your dreams.


Working with me

lori knowles cirlce

The focus is on you and your self-discovery. What your mind focuses on your life becomes. If you seek to change something about your life it starts with being mindful of your thoughts.

Lori use her intuitive gifts to nudge you down your path so that you can find and neutralize what’s blocking you that allows for a better life experience.

As a clients you will energetically shift blocks that were created by unpleasant experience in your life, blocks you inherited from your ancestral line and blocks created by your family’s belief systems.

When the energetic blocks dissolves out of your physical and emotional body you feel lighter and your mind is calm and clear. From this balanced place, you can begin to trust your intuition and live more mindful.