Remember when it was off limits to talk about employee’s emotional wellbeing?

Luckily, that time has passed!

Self-care at the office matters.


Your employee’s negative emotions aren’t ever left at the door and neither is their inner light. Turn the tables so that their inner light grows and diminishes their negative emotions. This is the greatest benefit of the mindfulness techniques I will teach.

Your company’s culture and organizational communication are most notably affected by my mindfulness approach.


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Mindfulness Influences Culture

-Aligned action rooted in values                             

-Emotional intelligence                     



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Mindfulness Influences Communication

-Identifying triggers

-Energy preservation

 Employee feedback:

Feeling valued

Renewed positive attitude

Success applying techniques


Disclaimer: The information contained in this Lori Knowles Mindfulness Coaching sessions is educational. It does not provide (nor is it intended to be a substitute for) professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your doctor.