Stress Clearing Sessions - FAQ

Q. What can i expect from a STress Clearing session?

A. The first 10-minutes are meant for you to give me a brief update on your life since I last saw you. This helps me gauge how you are improving with your connection to your soul and noticing signals from life that your soul is wanting you to acknowledge. Next, I connect to my angels, your soul and your personality. From here, we look at the parts of your life that are emotional burdens and together we shift the energy. At the end of the session, I give you a few moments to absorb all the energy and knowledge you’ve acquired. The transformation happens when you gain insights and release old energy that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Q. Can I go back to work after my session?

A. It is smart to take the rest of the day to be peaceful, relax and soak up your life. If you can do that at work then, yes, you can return to work. 

Q. Why do you suggest I schedule my sessions 2-weeks apart?

A. There is an intense amount of energy that is released and shifted so giving yourself time get use to your new energy, notice how life is shifting for you and be ready to shift more takes about 2 weeks so you don’t experience energetic growing pains. 

Sage Clearing for Homes - FAQ

Q. How do i know if i need a sage clearing?

A. You’ll know you need a sage clearing if you aren’t receiving the outcome you are asking from within your home. For example, if your house is on the market, but it isn’t selling. If a divorce has happened, but you cannot seem to completely divorce yourself from the memories. If a death has happened, but you cannot seem to get over the memories. If you’ve asked for a new life, but feel stuck in the old one. All of these are great indications that you need a sage clearing.

Q. what is happening during the sage clearing?

A. Lori and her assistant acknowledge all the negative energy that is attached to the home and the lot. They move through the space with sage to clear and ground any energy that isn’t positive. The finish with a blessing that you give you. 

Q. why do you use sage to clear homes?

A. Sage leaves are dried and wrapped in a bundle called a smudge stick. The Native Americans considered Sage to be holy and they used it during ceremonies. Lori uses sage because it ushers heavy energy out of the home and off the land. It also assists in grounding any negative energy to the Earth where it can be recycled into pure, light energy.